Best Drone photography services.Professional Licensed drone pilot in Beirut, and great aerial videos. Bader Photography is specialized in implementing best artistic approach to aerial photography and drone videos in Lebanon.

I always say AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY & DRONE VIDEOS...ARE MY SPECIALTY...LOVE & OBSESSION. I mean every word of it. I just love what I do. I prefer to be filming from the sky all day long. I welcome any idea for projects, I'm always open to discuss any matter regarding drone photography. I will provide you with my guidance and ideas, even for beginner drone pilots, please get in touch and I'll do my best to respond within 24 hrs or less.

bader photography is located in beirut - lebanon. Run by bader helal and specialized in aerial imagery ;

we also provide, directing, d.o.p services, lighting, sound & sound mixing, voice-over recording, drone operators in lebanon, camera operators in lebanon.

Bader Helal is located in Lebanon  
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